How to Care for your Prints (hint: Direct sunlight is the enemy)

"Ok, so you have had your beautiful portraits printed but what now?

Well, now it's the time to treat them right. 
In my previous blog post, How do your Portraits Deserve to be Treated? I talked about what to do with your files and how to back them up properly to make sure that they will be the most useful for you for the longest period of time. Now it is time to talk about how to preserve your prints. And guess what, hanging them over the fireplace or in direct sunlight is NOT a good idea. 
Read all about what to do and what NOT to do once you have your beautiful printed portraits!"

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How do your portraits deserve to be treated? (Guess what; it doesn't involve a drawer)

"Personally, every single time I have a session, it is backed up to at least two local hard drives as well as one off-site drive. This is to ensure that your portraits are protected in case you lose them yourself or in case you want to come back and purchase more at a later time."

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Elizabeth's Discovery (The Nurse with the Big Heart!)

"It was so difficult not to become inspired by her. At 24 she has a drive and an ambition that is rare. She knows what she wants to do and exactly how she wants to do it. In order for her to lead the life she wants, she works extra hard so she can travel and enjoy the good things in life. She knows that if you want fun you have to work for it. I got so inspired that I have in fact ended up trying to achieve the same mindset."

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We are in the season of LOVE (now let's love ourselves)

"Everyone struggles with self-love.
I do not think, I have ever photographed a person who wasn't concerned about their wrinkles, cellulite or rolls. They laugh nervously and ask me if I can photoshop out their problem areas. They mask it as a joke, but it is hard not to see the truth in their eyes and the question they really are asking; "Can you fix me? Can you make me perfect? Can you make me good enough?" 

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

"Moments with my family are the dearest to me. And I think, that is what Christmas is about. It is not about the presents or the erratic behaviour that comes with stressing out about all the things that we forgot to do or are supposed to be doing. It is about stopping for a second, looking around at the people who surround you and appreciate that very moment. We are all so busy rushing from one place to the other, that we forget to savour where we are right here and now.

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I get SO nervous!

"One of my amazing privileges is to show women the beauty that I see in them. It is such an emotional and enormous task to have because what if, the images I show them, aren’t to their liking? What if they are going to look at my work, my vision, and turn their nose? Or even worse, what if they are going to look at themselves through my eyes and deem themselves unworthy, ugly and old?

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Emma's Story

"Emma is a young ballerina dancing in NYC. She is an incredibly determined and hardworking young woman who also recently started modelling. 
It was my luck when she approached me, wanting a portrait session. I knew, that I wanted to use her background as a ballerina but I had no way of knowing that our session was going to end as amazingly as it did. 

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