Walking in the wrong direction

Have you ever felt like you were doing something that you were not supposed to do? I'm not talking about stealing a piece of candy from the shop or teasing your brother or sister. No, I'm talking about being on a path in your life where you feel like something is amiss. Where your funny bone is tingling, and you know something isn't right. 

That's how I have been feeling for a good while now. I had a tough time putting my finger on it. I was just somehow misplaced. Like gears that won't match, or a wrong piece in a puzzle. 

Well, one evening, my husband and I looked at each other, and suddenly he put words on what my conscience had been trying to tell me for a while without me understanding the words. I don't want to do conventional photography. I tried it for a good while, and we tried branding me in that way, but it just didn't seem RIGHT, you know? 

That is why I have decided, that my main focus in my photography is portraits. Everything I do from now on will be rooted in portrait photography. This means you probably won't see me doing the traditional mini session setup or doing a full-fledged traditional family photo shoot.

Portraits are my passion...

I would even dare to say that they are my obsession.

It doesn't matter how old my subjects are, my purpose is regardless to capture the essence of the person I'm photographing. I have also decided not to do any big weddings. To me, the connection between my clients and I are the most important factor to get the desired images. It is intimate, personal and can be very intense. Too many people will muddle the connection and the end result will not be as good. When my husband and I eloped, I realized how much I love that form of weddings. So I will continue to offer elopements and small weddings.

Model: Signe Madsen

Model: Valery Jimenez

Don't hire me to get traditional images. If that is what you seek, then I am not the photographer for you. Hire me to get something extraordinary. Something full of fairytales and imagination. Something creative, inspiring and FUN! 

The sense of relief is overwhelming. I can't wait to show you all the amazing projects I have been brainstorming. Connect with me in the comments and on Pinterest so we can brainstorm your portrait session.


Model: Ninett Christensen

Model: Frida Kuhn