Sissela - the Photographer

Let me introduce myself. 
I am Sissela. 
Yes, I do actually identify me and my personality, as my name, coming from a country (Denmark) where I for many years was the only one. I never had the issue of being the other Sissela in the class, the school or at work. Always just me. When people would talk about me, they would almost instantly know who I was. Not because I was anything special in particular, but because my name was. 

These days I am 27 years old and my sense of making my name special for a reason, besides it just being rare on its own, is steadily increasing. 
When I was a child, my mum would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I would respond with: World Champion. Not in anything in particular, but just world champ. 
For a period of time I wanted to be a world champ in History, then in drawing and painting which I have always done quite a bit, and finally I found my calling behind a camera. This is what I do now. This is me owning my name. 
I identify as a photographer. 
It is in the way I scan the world around me. 
It is how I see colors, light, faces and shapes. 
It is in my perception of the dynamics in the world. 

So, I am Sissela, the photographer. 

Ok, ok, admittedly I am so much more than that. I am my upbringing as a Danish citizen, complete with ideals, memories, prejudices and so forth.  I have an entire history behind me, as does anyone else.  But in this blog, I will introduce you to my work. It will not only be about being a photographer and how to do it. It will be about my life as a Dane and Scandinavian moving to the States. It will be about how I do things. How I live, love and laugh. It will be about how I view the world around me, and what it is like being a fish out of water. 

 Welcome to the wonderful and beautiful symphony that is my life.