YIKES......I did my own wedding photography!! part II

Hi you guys

I hope you enjoyed my last post about how I did my own wedding photography. 
So as you saw I had the opportunity to take my own portraits half due to lack of funds to hire another photographer and half due to me being highly picky. It was such an interesting way of exploring a part of my work that I have been doing for quite some time now. It made me look at wedding photography in a completely new light, and I hope that I can bring the things I learned into my business dealing with clients. It definitely made me aware of what I really wanted as a “client” myself. 
And it put me in an honest tough spot because while I really want to support another fellow photographer, I have yet to found one that matches my style and who is within my price range. 
I bet this is a situation you can relate to, because you have to feel like the photographer you choose, is the exact match for you. Do not compromise or in the end, you will not be happy about the results. 
It takes so much trust, and not only that, you need to have a connection with the person capturing your special day. The photographer cannot just be the first you come across. It takes so much research - something I just honestly didn't think I had the time to. That is when it becomes very handy to be a photographer yourself. 

So one of the more interesting things about immigrating and marrying the man of your dreams – who coincidentally is the reason for your migration, is that you get to have multiple weddings. 
Since we decided to elope, it has put a few “demands” on us from our families sides. They of course wants to celebrate us, and honestly, we want to celebrate with them, but bringing two families together from opposite ends of the world is not an easy matter. So we have ended up with throwing multiple parties; one in the States and one in Denmark. Hopefully that will mean, that I have more images to share with you soon! 

I always enjoy working with weddings, mostly because I get to join in on a couple’s very special day. Often I feel like a member of the family, just for one day, and it is the most exquisite feeling in the world. I often wonder why I keep on doing it - I mean, the hours are tedious and the work is really hard, but that amazing client relationship makes it all worth it.

You can see all my wedding images from our elopement in my first post, or just follow the link: www.bysissela.com/blog/2016/8/1/so-i-did-my-own-wedding-photography


Underneath is a a selection of images from one of my favourite weddings! 

Sissela Johansson