YIKES......I did my own Wedding Photography!!

Now, you may think me to be crazy and honestly that assumption is not half wrong.  Doing your own wedding photography is a risky move and you cannot do them over. But let me explain why I did it first. 
Coming over to the big States from Denmark has made everything in my life a bit stranger than it would usually be. As an example, I had to apply to the government be allowed to be with the man I was going to marry. Just marrying him would not be enough. It would not automatically let me into the country. And on top of that, we had to get married within 3 months of me coming here on my current visa. 
3 months to plan a wedding would have worked if both of you had disposable income – but going back and forth since meeting him, have made my situation difficult, to say the least. Every penny has gone to see him and be with him. To top it, there is also visa fees that have to be paid. 
Sounds crazy? Well, that is because it is. 
So what do you do, when you have no money to spare, your family cannot afford coming either and you cannot work yet?  
We eloped. 

I wore my grandmothers necklace for this very special day, and my dress was trimmed with lace that my other grandmother had made during WWII when she was a young woman.

On top of not too many funds – though we did fortunately have enough for a wonderful B&B weekend with the help of family. But we still wanted a photographer. We wanted to have this special day memorized and captured like any other normal couple. What is abnormal about it, though, is me. Being a photographer myself have made me extremely picky and knowing that we could not afford to hire a photographer of the level we wanted, I made the decision of doing the pictures myself. 
We went on Amazon, bought a tripod and a remote trigger, and in the weeks before our wedding weekend, I practiced as much as I could. 

Self-portraits are such a difficult genre in photography. It takes skills and knowledge and you absolutely need to know your equipment. 

The good thing about doing the pictures ourselves, was that we could do it in our own tempo. There was no one rushing us. We had absolutely no obligations to anyone but us, and our plan for when we wanted to go out for dinner. So, on the day we took everything as it came. 

We were lucky. Vermont at that time a year can be rather tricky, but our day was sunny and warm. Lucky for me, since I had no other thing to wear than my very summery dress. 
After our ceremony, we relaxed in the sun until the point where the sun was no longer too sharp or too high, and then we used the wonderful afternoon light for our pictures. 

Our rings was handmade from a great friend of mine, who is also an amazing jeweller Karin Castens - www.gallericastens.dk

So I have a husband who apparently has firecrackers up his butt because he got so impatient. It is understandable since it does take longer to do you own than if you had a photographer with you. This meant, however, that I had to merciful and stop before I was completely content. 
We did go out the next day, in our very relaxed clothes to take some more with the magnificent Equinox Mountain in the back. Just because!

Sissela Johansson