The Princess that happened to be my IDEAL client!

Ok, maybe not a ROYAL princess, but an everyday princess, an everyday HERO.

Amanda came to me after seeing me on Instagram, and wanted me to do a Creative Portrait Session with her. I was, of course, thrilled, not only was she gorgeous. She also wanted to hire me, to do the one thing I love the most - making outstanding imagery of outstanding people. And Amanda is truly outstanding. She is doing her residency as a doctor at Yale Hospital and is extremely dedicated to her work. But sometimes, even the most dedicated of people needs to treat themselves just a bit. And that is why she contacted me.

Amanda wanted to look and feel like a Princess. She had never had her portrait taken, but she told me, that when she saw my work, she knew, that she wanted my help. And I was more than glad to help her. 

Together we came up with and idea, inspired by Asian Fairytales and we set a date. 

When I first met her, I was just struck by how kind and smiling this young woman was. She had moved all the way from Chicago, away from her family and friends to go where her job took her. I just immediately felt a connection, especially because I very intimately know what it feels like, to pack your bags and follow your dreams. 
Our session was amazing, and Amanda was a true natural - my ideal client in every way!