Kelsey's Dream

Sometimes you are lucky enough that certain people will enter your life at the exact right time. Kelsey is one of such people for me. She contacted me through Instagram and asked if I wanted to do a collaboration. Kelsey owns the Westport located beauty salon Haus of Pretty and offers different services in her private salon such as colouring, makeup and brow-bar. 

On a beautiful Summers day I met up with this bubbly personality and it didn't take us long before we were chatting away about all the amazing projects we wanted to do together. 

Now, I often hire Kelsey for everything hair and makeup related because I know, that she will take extra good care of my clients and enhance the experience of being pampered. I am so thrilled to see how she works and every single time I get to see her do her thing, I become so impressed by her ability to make everyone feel at ease. 

I wanted to give her the experience that she would help me give to others, so we arranged her very own beautiful portrait session. I wanted her to know, how it felt like, being the one in front of the camera, being pampered, posing and having fun, so she could better relate to each of my clients coming in for their session. 

With the talented Stephanie Straface (@whiskeybeautiful) as the hair and makeup artist for our session, we set out to create something Kelsey had never tried before. 

It was such a pleasure watching her as she was the one being pampered and being in focus. When the day came, that Kelsey had her reveal session, I was so happy to witness a young woman being absolutely thrilled by seeing herself in a completely different light.

I don't think, I will ever get tired of that. Having the pleasure and honor of seeing people seeing themselves as if it was the very first time. 

Go check out Kelsey's Instagram and follow her amazing work!