The Chef with the Great Personality

So in my job as a portrait photographer, I meet a lot of different people. As you might know by now, most of my clients are women, but I am also in the amazing situation, that I get to capture some quite extraordinary men. 

I think, for the most part, my male clients come to me to get portraits out of the ordinary. They want to see themselves portrayed as in a magazine. They too want to be pampered a little and they want to feel special. Somehow it is more accepted for women to indulge and treat themselves to a session of self-love than it is for men. 

In the beginning of 2017, I was introduced to a chef. He had had the exceptional privilege of working with some of the greatest stars of our time as a personal chef and now he had come to Connecticut. 


We had so many plans for his session. We had multiple locations arranged but through twists of fate, we had to change the plans last minute. We had to go back to basic and we had to re-think. Fortunately, Chef Marlon Alexander was living in a stunning building with a lobby worthy of a portrait session. We were also incredibly lucky to get to borrow the restaurant Harlan Publick in Norwalk for some of our setups. 
By the end of our session, we went up to his apartment to toss some flour around with some quite interesting results. 

Through out the day there was quite a bit of laughter and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories he had to tell. Chef Marlon Alexander has an amazing personality. He is larger than life! And now, he has moved on to New Orleans where he has opened up his own catering business, a big dream of his. I wish him the best of luck in his endeavors and I know that he will do absolutely amazing!