Elizabeth's Discovery (The Nurse with the Big Heart!)

A while back I had a girl contacting me on Instagram.
This was right at the beginning of my Instagram re-discovery so I was somewhat sceptical about the power of that tool. I later revisited that scepticism and am now a firm believer in what social media can do for you and your brand.
Elizabeth wanted a portrait photography session with me. She had followed my work for a while and wanted to do something very special for herself.
We set up a call to schedule her complimentary consultation and from the beginning, I got a sense of a young woman with an incredible determination. 
At her consultation, we met for coffee on a beautiful fall day at Caffe Social in Norwalk. Caffe Social is one of my favourite places to meet my clients for their initial consultations. Not only do they have great coffee, but the decor is awesome and it provides a neutral space for my clients to meet me at for the very first time. An experience that sometimes can feel overwhelming.

Meeting her was quite special.
Across from me was sitting a young woman, who was not only determined but also incredibly strong and compassionate. 
She had immigrated from Mexico to study to become a nurse. Her need to help was founded early in her life after losing her father. Now she is working as a trauma nurse in one of the more busy hospitals in Fairfield County, Connecticut, dedicating her life to help others. A position that for many people would be too much and too hard. 

It was so difficult not to become inspired by her. At 24 she has a drive and an ambition that is rare. She knows what she wants to do and exactly how she wants to do it. In order for her to lead the life she wants, she works extra hard so she can travel and enjoy the good things in life. She knows that if you want to have fun you have to work for it as well. 

She arrived for her session and after having her hair and makeup done by Kelsey from Haus of Pretty in Westport, CT, we created magic together. 
She was a true natural in front of the camera and together we created different looks that fitted her style.
She had brought with her a red, long and sparkly gown, reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit, and from the get-go, I knew we needed to photograph her in that. 
At the very end, even though it had become late, I asked her to remove all of her makeup. She was so beautiful and I just knew that she would look radiant with a completely fresh face. I wanted to show her just how beautiful she was. 

The last portraits of the day were my favourites. No makeup but still golden and warm.
These portraits showed a young woman full of life and happiness. 

I can honestly say, that she left me inspired and in awe. 


What can I say? I love my clients!


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