Discovering yet another passion

Summer is approaching and with it, my desire to create has been re-awoken. Creativity is bubbling in my blood and I have so many new ideas I want to make come to life. I feel like, I have finally found my place and above all, I feel like, I know in which direction I will go. Knowing that has made me much more productive and I have been shooting much more than I have in a loooong time. It's been wonderful because at the same time, I have been introduced to so many amazing  women. Women I will be following and hopefully, will create much more magic with in the near future. 

March brought me a new passion. One would think at this point, that I have enough of those. I mean, seriously, I don't really think there is enough hours in the day to accommodate yet another thing that I wish to master. Oh well, I just have to find time, because I honestly think, that this is something here to stay!

I have been dabbling a little in the big pool that is videography.
I decided a little while back, that it was something I was very curious about. It just seemed too daunting to do. I felt like it was way too overwhelming to learn something completely new from scratch, and I just didn't know where I would find the time. 
But I also had this thing going on in the pit of my stomach. Every single time I saw a Behind the Scenes video a photographer had made, my heart started beating faster. Then I started finding alternative and inspiring branding videos for different companies, and I just couldn't ignore it anymore. After a great conversation with a wonderful client of mine, my inspiration was completely awoken. The curiosity finally got the better of me, and with a final big but gentle push from my husband, I jumped into the deep end of the pool. 
Now, I just HAD to learn!

This is my first video EVER! 
I'm proud and extremely happy by the outcome, especially because it is from a session where the end result turned out so amazingly in the images we created that day!

I hope to be able to provide you guys with more videos in the future. 
I want to show you my workflow and I want to show you that it does not take a huge, fancy studio and expensive equipment to do great photography. All it takes, is a little creativity!

So without further ado, here you have my first Behind the Scenes video, hopefully the first out of many!

A Behind the Scenes video from my latest photosession featuring the gorgeous model Stephanie Straface and the very talented makeup artist and stylist Kate Fiore. Photographer is yours truly - Sissela Johansson // (Photography by Sissela)

Please enjoy the rest of the images from this session and feel free to tell me what you think in the comment section below!