The perfect light meets Liane

As a portrait photographer I feel so lucky.

I live in a house that has the most amazing light. It has one huge window and then tons of smaller ones on almost all sides, providing me with different light directions at different times of the day.

These days I am trying to master the combination between natural light and artificial light. 

In this setup I had a single speedlite with an octagon beauty modifier placed a little to her left, pointing downwards towards her.

On her right there was this amazing afternoon light flowing in adding such a soft dimension to the picture.

I have a thing for contrast in my photography. Ever since I picked up the camera for the first time and started out as a photographer, contrast has been my main thing. That is why you see so many redheads on a green background in here!

I love red. It is one of my favourite colours so it seemed obvious to me, to mix it when another favourite of mine - blue!
She had different jewelry pieces in a beautiful turquoise and I had my blue backdrop that these days have become a staple in my images. 
The result was a beautiful contrast that worked so well with her hair and her face!

Well, Liane came with a huge wardrobe. She had everything I might want to use for our session, which was absolutely perfect!

This model is incredibly diverse. She gave me so many different expressions and she nailed almost every single pose, making it highly difficult for me to choose which images to edit. I'm not even done with them yet because there is so many amazing ones!

Such a luxury problem to have!

We went through multiple looks that that, and this soft look was just one part of it. 


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