Top 10 Photographers to Follow on Instagram

I absolutely love Instagram. It gives me the chance to jump around and look and extremely talented peoples amazing work, inspiring me in my own pursuits. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate because no matter what, Instagram is swamped with people.

I have collected 10 amazing Instagram accounts you need to follow if you want to fill you feed with beautiful images.

There is a little bit of everything here, from portrait photographers to travel photographers. Some are more known than others but one thing they have in common, is their incredible talent and artistic nature.

Please keep in mind, that this is a completely subjective list put together through what I personally like to view on Instagram.

In no specific order:


1.     Kirsty Mitchell - @kirstymitchellphotography

Kirsty Mitchell created the Wonderland series and for a good while now, she has been one of my favorite photographers. She started doing photography as an outlet when she became ill and later, when her mother died she started creating the most amazing pieces. Images where everything in them was completely created by her self. Kirsty is a true inspiration and with her extreme talent she turns everything she touches into fairytales.



2.     Eva Milkonskaya@evamilkonskaya

Her account is in a language I do not know. So I do not know much about how she thinks and why she creates the images that she does. But she has an amazing eye. Her images are full of imagination and fantasy. They often have a slight melancholia about them, sucking in the viewer and making you wonder what she was thinking in the moment she created the picture. I especially love her series with redheads.



3.     Alexander Vinogradov -  @vinograddik

Alexander Vinogradov is a Russian photographer based in Moscow. His Instagram feed is full of amazing portraits of beautiful women all with a slighty rustic feel. His portraits are simple, clean and incredibly elegant. There is not much clutter going on and the simplicity makes the beauty of the portraits scream out loud.  Often when I stumble upon his work, for a short second my breath gets taken away. 



4.     NYC Dance Project - @nycdanceproject

The NYC Dance Project is an amazing account featuring images from the project of the same name. It is husband/wife team Ken Browar and Deborah Ory that have created these amazing images using each of their individual expertise to capture and ensnare the viewer. The movement of their images makes you feel like you are right there with the dancer and their amazing use of colors makes the images stand out in such an unique and compelling way. I love following their account and every single time I come across their images, I become inspired to do better and practice more.



5.     Jesse Herzog@jesseherzog

Jesse Herzog is a Canadian portrait photographer and videographer capturing amazing, sensual and fun images. Most of his subjects are young women and all of them have a subtle sensuality about them without being ‘in your face’ sexual. His colors and tones give his work almost a vintage feel and his use of light can only be described as sublime.




6.     Jacob Riglin - @jacob

Jacob Riglin is an incredibly talented as well as successful travel photographer who travels the world to capture amazing scenery.  Every single image that he posts are filled with magic and wanderlust and I constantly get inspired as well as a little envious when seeing all the beautiful places he gets to visit.

His account is perfect for when you feel like daydreaming yourself away to white, sandy beaches and stunning mountaintops.



7.     Ted Chin@eye.C

Ted Chin is a San Francisco based photographer and visual artist. His work is stunning and fantastical full of imagination and creativity. In his feed he has build a world outside of ours. He sweeps you away to a place where creatures roam the sky and adventure waits just around the corner. Not only is he an extremely talented photographer. His skills as a visual artist are compelling and impressive. A true joy to behold every single time his images lands in my feed.



8.     Jasem Khlef - @jasemkhlef

As a portrait photographer, Jasem Khlef speaks to something deep inside of me. His portraits are interesting, captivating and deeply inspiring. Every single portrait of his has a compelling face and you wonder what stories these humans have to share. His black and white portraits are incredible, that combined with the tones in his color portraits have made his feed my go to place when I want to look at inspiration for my own portrait photography. His talent is immense and every single picture tells it’s own beautiful story.



9.     Lost in the Forrest@lostintheforrest

Ever dreamt about being swept away to woodlands full of wonder? I know, I have! Forrest Smith is an extremely talented photographer and adventurer. In every single image he takes you with him on his many adventures and gives you a beautiful insight in the world as he sees it.  Often he includes people in his images, which just add another insane dimension to his already stunning work!

I go to his page when I need to be inspired in my portrait photography and I want to include landscape.



10. Grace Almera - @gracealmeraphotography

Grace Almera is an amazing photographer based in Denmark. Her images always features beautiful women as she takes you by the hand and guides you through her imagination. Completely self-taught, her talent is undeniable. Her work often has an air of mystery and folklore about it, at times crossing over to something darker and deeper.

Her feed is a myriad of fairytales and wonder and there is no question about her being an incredible storyteller with her camera.



Who is your favourite photographers to follow on Instagram?

Tell me in the comments below!