How I love a good lovestory! (Meet Rob and Kristen)

Last year Rob and Kristen came to me.
Kristen is a fellow photographer who saw my work in a Facebook group we both are in. She and her husband Rob have been wanting to do a couples photography session for a very long time since it is something they had never done when they got married 13 years prior. That day they went to the City Hall in New York City, got married and went back to work right after. They had regretted ever since not having a photographer memorializing their big day.
Now it was time to catch up and do a Portrait Couples Session, however, they hadn't found the right photographer. 
Kristen saw my work that I had posted of another beautiful couple and she immediately knew that she needed to hire me for their special portraits. 

I invited them to come in for a Consultation and it ended up being such a lovely and somewhat emotional experience.
These two people hold so much love for one another and I couldn't have been more honoured or thrilled to have them choosing me to document their love. 

We decided to go to Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk on a very cold November day. The Sun was out and the air was so crisp mixed with frost and salt.
I was so excited by all the portraits I captured that day. It was very difficult to choose which ones I wanted to show them in the end. 
When they came back for their Portrait Reveal Session they were amazed and so happy to see their portraits and they ended up buying every single one of them

Here is what Kristen had to say about their experience with me as their photographer. 

Sissela is a consummate professional through and through. She understood our personal vision for our images, she listened intently and made great suggestions, and confidently made choices that brought out the best in us. Every stage in the process was fun, personal, and intimate…from our initial consultation through today’s reveal, we were treated to love, openness and one of the highest vibrations of creativity and dedication that I have seen in our industry. Although all of those things are important to me and so appreciated, there is one thing that stands out about Sissela that sets her apart…
Sisela is an unabashed witness to love. She creates a space of intimacy and timelessness that made my husband and I feel incredibly special and seen in a way that truly celebrates our partnership.
I know how I feel about my marriage, but now I can literally SEE it. I am so incredibly grateful for this experience, and I can truly say that it has changed the way that I see myself.
— Kristen (Client)

I am so grateful to have met this amazing couple and to be able to show you all the love that they have for each other.