Meet my Family! (This is where I come from!)

I am so lucky. I come from a family full of love and laughter. When I decided to move to the States my parents supported me fully. They knew what I was meant to be doing well before I did and when I finally discovered my path, they congratulated me on finally getting up to date with the rest of them.
They are the ones I miss every waking moment of every day, all week, 365 days of the year. When I am not with them my heart ache and I often get very homesick. It’s hard. It’s not a secret not it has been my biggest challenge in my exciting journey, but no matter how homesick I have been, they are still full of support and they convince me that I am doing the right thing.

So when I started seeing the value of the printed portrait I knew that I needed to have my family with me at all times. I knew I needed to be surrounded by them in my home even though they are thousands of miles away.

Last Christmas my husband and I came to Sweden (where my parents now live) to celebrate Christmas with my entire family. I warned them in advance that I would be bringing my camera, and that I would want to do an actual family session with them. For Christmas I wanted to give them something fantastic and unique.
The Christmas before, I had gifted them albums with portraits of our family from the time when my older sister was born and all the way up to just a few months before Christmas, but this time I wanted to go bigger.
When I came back home to Connecticut, I had the portraits printed and I brought them back with me in April when I was back for a visit. Now the portraits are hanging on my parents walls and soon, they will be hanging on my own walls in my first house.

My Sister, her partner and her oldest daughter (a new daughter have since been added to her family)