The Women's International day! (Time to nominate your rolemodel)

It is that time of year. We are supposed to see Spring just around the corner and hopefully, soon, we will be able to stretch our backs and bodies towards the sun and once more embrace the circle of the year. 

It is March!

This month is not only about Spring being in the air (and let's face it, it really doesn't feel that way with the snowstorm we had last night), it's about paying attention to what is going on in society.
It is the month where we celebrate WOMEN. Not just our day to day existence, but we celebrate all the hardships we have endured and all the fights we have had to take on to get the rights we have today. To be treated as equals. To be accepted as independent individuals with thoughts and minds of our own. 
It is the month where we are reminded, that the life we have today, was not always like that and that we still have to fight.  

It is also the time where we look to the strong women in our lives. The women who are enduring extra hardship. The single mothers who still manage to provide and care for their children, despite working more than full time. It is our sisters who suffer from debilitating illnesses but still manage to defiantly look life in the eye and scream "I AM STILL HERE!" It is the girlfriend you look up to who have helped you time and again while still dealing with her own issues. It is our mothers, aunts sisters, friends. All of them fighters and survivors. 

NOW is the time to celebrate these strong and powerful women!

In honour of Women's Month, I invite you to nominate a woman in your life who you think deserves an amazing portrait session!
This can be a sister who persevered. A businesswoman who has done a huge difference in your local community.
It can be the colleague who always shows up with a smile on her face and who have always managed to cheer you up on Mondays.
It can be your friend who just deserves to feel good about herself again. 

Through the end of March, I will be honouring these women in your life by gifting one of them with a complimentary portrait session as well as 3 prints (total value of $1100). 
All you need to do is tell me her story and why she deserves to have a chance of having an incredible portrait experience, just for her!


She needs to live in Fairfield County (CT) or Westchester County (NY) and you cannot nominate yourself.


Tell me her story in the comments below!
I will pick the winner on the 2nd of April.