My Steps to Self-Love (Let's try and make this happen shall we?)

Warning: Heavier language and emotional content ahead!

Ok, so do you know that feeling of guilt when you know that there is so much that you need to get done and be better at, but you simply don't manage to? For me, it has become a problem to the point where it has started to affect my self-value and self-confidence. Being someone who try to practice what she preaches, this has been a very hard realisation to acknowledge and ultimately take steps towards solving.  
I tell my clients that they need to love themselves and that they need to tell themselves everyday how valuable they are, while not feeling very valuable myself.
 I tell them how beautiful they are, while I secretly look in the mirror and feel less than beautiful. 
It's hard to stop one day and realize that all you stood for have suddenly been overcome by the everyday chores that need to get done. It's hard to realize that laziness and lethargy has become dominant while self-love, happiness and acceptance has taken a step back to be left in the shadows. 
So yeah, I need to practice what I preach. I need to actually treat myself with the love that I know will do me good, and that I tell my clients that they need themselves. 
Introducing my steps to self-love!
Some of these steps are easier to incorporate than others but all of them are goals that I know will do me good if I actually do them. It involves reconnecting with my other creative sides such as painting and sewing and it involves things that I have always had a tough time with, such as exercising and getting outside to enjoy some of that much needed vitamin D. 
It is definitely not a switch that I just turn on and then suddenly I do all of these things. They take time to incorporate into my daily routines, so I am starting with the top. I have started a daily journal, and so far (I am only 3 days in) it is working out really nicely. It is cleaning out the clutter in my head and giving me some space to actually get things done.
Often I sit and think about all the things I need to do, and end up getting none done because I am overcome by it, or even just too confused. This is hopefully going to help that and help me maintain my sanity. 
I am trying to keep the house clutter free as well, because I know how that directly correlates with my brain and how stressed out I feel. I need tidiness and calm in my house or else I get driven nuts and get's nothing done. Small steps like making the bed each morning will help and make it more manageable. 

So why am I sharing all of this?
Well, I know I am a business woman, but first and foremost I am a human being. I need accountability in my life and I also feel like it is important to show the good and the bad sides of myself. It is what makes me whole as a person. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, these steps can help someone else who is equally scatter-brained and who needs some much needed motivation to start loving themselves again.
I know I need it. 
I want to be that woman who takes on the world with storm. Who travels and jumps straight into adventures without knowing the outcome. 
I don't just want to be strong but I want to be connected with myself as a whole. Strength and vulnerability. 
I want to be bubbly. I want to laugh. I want to look myself in the mirror and feel good about every inch of myself, rolls, cellulite and stretch-marks included. 
I want to be the woman my husband fell in love with, plus that little extra. 
I want to be the woman that I know I am. I don't want to forget her. I don't want to hide her. I want to nurture her and bring her out. I want to grow and blossom. I don't want to stagnate. I need to reconnect to myself and do the things that I know will make me feel good, every day, all year. 
I want to be the woman in the image again! Strong, powerful, vulnerable, emotional, confident. 

So here you have them.
My steps, written out as I thought them (which includes comments from me to me. I like talking to myself.)

  • Start a daily journal - each morning sit down with a cup of tea and write your goals for today. Make sure they are accomplishable so you set yourself up for success, not failure.  Also, write down your feelings and thoughts.
    Do it outside when the weather is nice. Buy a nice journal so your thoughts can be kept in a pretty place!

  • You need a safe space in the house - a place just for you and your head. Somewhere where work isn't allowed. Could just be a corner where work isn't allowed, let's face it, you love working.

  • Maintain the house and ensure that you keep it as clutter free as possible, for the sake of your brain. You go crazy in clutter. Like total nutjob crazy. You deserve tranquillity for crying out loud.

  • Tend to the garden. Talk to the plants. Kiss them and love them. They deserve it.

  • No screen time after 9 PM every night. Mobiles need to go away. That includes television too

  • Read - enjoy a good book before bed. You know you want to.

  • Make your own clothes so you can control how you look and feel about yourself.

  • Dress nicely as often as possible - not for anyone else but you

  • Quit beating yourself up!! Seriously, stop it!!

  • Work out - I am not kidding. You need to work out! Doesn’t matter what you do, but it matters that you do it. Try doing yoga each morning before breakfast.

  • Eat mindfully - so put that fork down while you chew

  • Smile more 

  • Laugh more

  • Quit taking yourself so goddamn seriously!

  • Look in the mirror each day. Watch yourself. Compliment yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, how kind you are and how talented you are. Say out loud; You are enough, You are beautiful!

  • Do sessions just for you - one every month - if possible

  • Wake up early so you can get a good start to the day - 6.30am would be ideal. Remember, you love mornings. You love drinking early morning coffee while the sun is slowly rising. You love the peace and quiet of the morning. Never forget that!

  • Start listening to podcasts instead of watching Netflix while you edit. Let's expand that brain of yours!

  • Listen to more music - music makes you happy

  • Sketch the dresses you want to create. Let's have fun with it, shall we?

  • Remember that you love painting and drawing. You are a creative for crying out loud. Act like it!

  • Learn how to knit sweaters. You know how to knit, just learn more. You can do it! You love sweaters!

  • You might be a redhead but you need sun. Be outside every day for a minimum of 15min. Vitamin D is good for you.

  • Continue with keeping weekends as free as possible. They are for family and relationship

  • A nap can be healthy so put the phone down and chill out!

  • Remember health is about body and soul. They are usually connected so put good foods in your mouth.

  • Make the bed each morning - nothing better than slipping under the covers of a crisp and neat bed

  • Rinse and Repeat - read this list out loud to yourself so you remember!