The Beauty of Motherhood (Who says it can't be just a little Glamorous?)


For the longest time, I have wanted to start doing Mommy and Me sessions. Portraits where the relationship between mother and child are in focus and where I can get to show their amazing and unbreakable bond.
Finally, I got to do that!
Rachel came to me, wanting to have her portraits done. I saw her Instagram and realized she had a small boy. I suggested that she brought him to her session so we could capture some important and breathtaking portraits of her and her baby boy while he was small enough to still be able to sit on her hip.

He was so cute! He ran around the studio (which also happens to be my house) butt-naked and laughing to his hearts content. He wanted to run around and play and wasn’t too content with having to sit on his mother’s hip, keeping him from running around. He actually ended up peeing on my floor twice (fortunately on the tile, so easy cleanup), but I couldn’t care less.

I love children. I love hearing children laugh and have fun, so having Rachel and her boy with me in the studio for the day, was such a fun treat.
It brought a huge smile to my lips to see the wast amount of love between the two of them.
I look forward to the day when it becomes my turn to experience the joy and difficulties of having a child.

Rachel loved her portraits. She cried when she saw them, and I know she will treasure them forever.
And now I am hooked.
I want to do more Mommy and Me sessions, so now that is something I have decided to offer to my clients on a steady base.

Can’t wait to see what it will bring!