Before and After - The Sparkly Hillary

I love what the Portrait Experience does to my clients. They come in in the morning, free from hair products and makeup, full of nervousness and sometimes even anxiety. But when they leave again they have undergone such an enormous and beautiful transformation. Through photography, they get to see themselves in a completely different and new light! They are Super Stars shining so incredibly bright and I always advise them that now is the time for a trip out and about.

One of these beautiful Stars is the gorgeous Hillary.
The first time I met her was at a networking event at Peaches in Norwalk, CT. I love how these networking events always brings the greatest people together and that night was no exception. Hillary was at a place in her life where she was ready to gift herself with a fun portrait session. She wanted to memorialize where she was, right in that moment in time and she ended up choosing me for the honor of capturing her and her personality.

She came to my house, all nervous butterflies, and together, we created some truly incredibly portraits. It was Winter at the time but she agreed to walk outside with me in the snow in a beautiful dress so we could create some Fashion-inspired, Editorial images as well.