Before and After - The Beautiful Mary!

Today, I want to show you guys a Before and After portrait. It is important to know, that just like the celebrities, you have a team behind you when you step in through my door. Together, we will make sure that you are pampered and well taken care of by having your hair and makeup done by my excellent Makeup Artists. Between that, the lighting and the posing, you will be made to look like the very best version of yourself!

I have known Mary for a while. She is a beautiful soul that happens to be a long time friend of my husbands family. As a matter of fact, she grew up with my husbands mother and his aunts. She was the next door neighbor and her father and their father was the best of friends, spending many a day in deep conversation.
Mary has the business Your Stellar Self where she focuses on Healing, teaching Yoga, and other Spiritual Practices to help others to her best ability.

She came to me needing portraits for her business and we ended up having a fun-filled day where we took some stunning Personal Branding Portraits of her. Between the laughter and the seriousness, a lot of beauty was found. It was such a lovely experience hearing stories of my American family as well as listen to what it is that she does with her work and how she is on an amazing mission to help people live the best lives.