Change is coming, and it is coming FAST!

I know things have been quiet for a while here on my blog, but I promise you, it is with good reason!!

I have been working on something very close to my heart.

For a long time I have said if I couldn't photograph, I would teach.

I have always loved teaching and sharing my knowledge in a way that people find inspiring and educational.

I was so lucky growing up, despite having a tough time in school with my fellow students. I had teachers who inspired me, who recognised something in me, and who took me under their wings, so I wouldn't be lost. They saw my curiosity and protected it. They saw my willingness to learn, and fuelled it.

I was raised in an environment full of love for learning, for books and for knowledge. Teaching is in my blood and if it wasn't for my passion for photography, I would spend my days trying to educate.

These days I receive so many requests to share information on how I make the images that I do. Therefore I have decided to combine my passions. I want to teach people what I know in photography.

So I have been working on some online courses. I have written an e-book about the basics of working your camera (E-mail me at if you want a copy). And recently, I put the finishing touches on my two very first courses, one being my Introduction to Photoshop, for you who have barely looked at Photoshop, and the other being Advanced Photoshop,  where I teach you, how to edit the way I do. 
Both are for people who find Photoshop difficult to work with and need something easy and simple to understand. 

If you want to enroll in them, just click the button and it will take you to my site. 

I'm currently trying to figure out what should be in my next courses, and therefore I am asking you!

What would you wish, you had known when you started taking pictures?

One thing that I work with myself, is minimal equipment. I shoot a lot using the light accessible to me or only with a single flash. I want to help people create amazing images without having to invest tons of money. It's also very important to be able to shoot in any situation, with no more than your camera on your hip. Less is more, and it is a way of working, that on it's own can be a form of art. 

Is this something you would be able to use? And if so, what exactly would you like to learn about?

Please, tell me in the comments below!