Diaries from Denmark - A Notion on Time (Infant Photography)

So even though I have decided to mainly focus on portrait photography, I still sometimes do a family session, just with a more documentary feel than the traditional family photography style.

On a recent trip to Denmark, I had the amazing privilege of doing a session for a good friend of mine. She had just had a baby, and she wanted to have some of this first precious time memorialized. 

A bit of background is necessary here. Years ago when I moved away from home, I moved into a dorm room off campus (most dorms in Denmark is). I was 19, my wings needed to be tested for the first time, and while I enjoyed finally being on my own, I was also experiencing the loneliness and hardships of a young adult, untested by the realities of grown-up life. 

I had a neighbor at my dorm. I honestly can't remember how we first started talking, but the important part is that we did. 

Our rooms were basically tiny; a bathroom, a small kitchenette and a bedroom. That was it. But it was perfect for what it was. I had decorated my room to have a small eating area and she had decorated hers to have a comfy couch. I have always valued sitting together by a dining table and eating a good meal, drinking good wine and just being together, enjoying each others company. That is why I often brought over friends so they could taste whatever experiment I had worked at this time. And I am telling you, I was able to make some pretty fancy meals in my tiny kitchen space!

Long story short, we became friends. And not just the type of friends that hang out once in a while. We basically made our two small apartments into one big. We had dinner at my place and then went into hers for coffee. She would bring whatever she had in her fridge, and I would cook something with our combined foods. It was awesome! It was like having a roommate but still having enough privacy to enjoy it. We saw each other every single day. Sometimes for dinner, sometimes for coffee, other times just for a quick hi in the doorway. 

As it would be, I found a new place. I had been signed up for that place for almost 2 years, and finally it was mine. Still only one room, but bigger and with a great kitchen, must larger than my kitchenette. We tried to see each other as often as we could, but we led separate lives with different studies. We drifted. We saw each other more and more rarely. And by the end, there was way over a year between our last encounters.

And then I started travelling to the States and met my future husband. I started a completely different life from the life I had lead in Denmark. When I was making the final move, I threw a going away party and I invited her. She came, was pregnant and her life too was full of new adventure. 

When I came to Denmark for my visit, she had just given birth to a beautiful, little son. We had tea at her place and as per usual our conversation was flowing. The time gone by wasn't an issue. We had suddenly, in the middle of school and life, become adults. What happened? Where did the time go? It all went by so fast. But somewhere in the middle of it, we had once again found common ground. 

My parents have a refrigerator magnet hanging in their kitchen. It has a quote on it; "It takes a long time to make old friends" 

Well, that day, I had the chance to photograph change in the life of someone I hold very dear to my heart. If that isn't a privilege, I don't know what is.