Fall is coming.....and I want in!!

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE fall. It is the time of year when I can cozy up with a cup of hot tea, a blanket, a good book, and just watch the world outside turn red and yellow. I love it! It is the time for candles, sweaters, boots and leaf-throwing battles. And it is the time for pumpkins! 

I come from a culture where pumpkins aren't that significant. I mean, yes, we have taken in the American custom of decorating with pumpkins around Halloween, but honestly, that is about it. Before I moved to the States, I had NO idea how significant and magnificent pumpkins really were. And then I came here! Everything is about pumpkins these days. Scents, tastes, decorations and clothing. In the beginning, I was a bit taken aback by the massive storm of pumpkins coming my way, but, honestly, now I cannot help but to enjoy it tremendously. 

That is why I took my brother in law, his girlfriend, and her daughter with me, to discover the amazing thing that is pumpkin/apple picking at Silvermans Farm! And ,of course, being the portrait and family photographer that I am, I brought my camera!

The result was a session where they, as a little family, were in focus. And boy, do they know how to have fun! 

I love capturing families that know how to goof around. To me, you can do as many staged and posed portraits as you want, but the ones that matter, are the ones in between. The moments where mother and daughter are filled with love for each other, or where a little stumble over a pumpkin is the source of much laughter. 

This is my pumpkin patch session, I hope you enjoy!

Pumpkins are not the most stable chair to sit on!

Do you feel like doing a pumpkin patch session with your family? Contact me, I would absolutely love getting another day with a fun, natural, family and a bunch of pumpkins ;)







I am so curious to know, what is your favourite thing about fall? Please tell me in the comment section below.



What can I say? I love cheeky children :D