Guide: How to plan your photosession

Some of you might remember, that I did a guide on How to choose your photographer, but things don't stop after you have found your perfect photography match. From then on you also have to plan out your session. I have listed below a few points that is really good to keep in mind, when you get to plan out your photo-session, in order to make it as fun and awesome as it is supposed to be. 

1.     Communicate

I cannot stress this enough, communicate! If you have any questions? Ask. If you have any doubts? Tell your photographer. But just make sure to talk about your expectations for the session. It is now where you need to communicate to your photographer what you want and need.

2.     Expectations

This might seem like a repeat of no. 1 but this one is a bit more focused on what you are going to get out of the session. Remember to have it clear from the beginning what you will get. How many pictures will you be receiving, in which format, will there be printed pictures, in black/white or colour etc. Most photographers have packages you can decide among which helps a lot in this process, but none the less it can feel comforting to have talked in-depth about it. Making clear what you are expecting will prevent misunderstandings happening putting a cloud on an otherwise amazing photo-session. 

3.     Rehearse in front of the mirror

This is an old model trick but even though you might not be strutting down the runway anytime soon it still helps to look yourself in the mirror while you are posing. It will help give you an idea of what looks good on you as well as helping with posture and other important things that will be enhanced on camera.

It is also about looking at your self and acknowledging how you look like warts and all. Take a look and try to embrace everything you see both the things you love and the things you hate. Even tell yourself out loud; I love you! Scream it if need be. But by the end of the day, this will have helped you gained confidence in your natural beauty. Remember; every line is a story that has happened, every wrinkle a smile and a laughter. If that is not beautiful, I do not know what is.

4.     Wardrobe

The ever dreaded but ever so important part of your photo session. Before your session, make sure you know what you are going to wear. You photographer might have some inputs on colour (green shirt on green background might not be the smartest choice) but it is ultimately up to you how you will look like on your pictures. Here it is important to take the signal you are going to send into account. Is it for example pictures you need for LinkedIn? In which case it might not be the best idea to put on you Hawaii shirt and your pouty mouth (unless of course, it is how you want to be portrayed professionally, which then, by all means, go for it!).

While showing up to your boudoir session in your old worn undies and a bra that is probably a couple of sizes too big or too small is not the best idea either. 

Wear something that you feel comfortable in, but still, makes you look like a million $.

5.     Style of pictures

I have talked a bit about this before in Part 1 but will go a bit more in-depth about it here. Because now when you have decided on your photographer you still need to decide your ultimate style of the pictures you are going to leave with.

As I mentioned then pages such as Pinterest can be such an enormous help. Browse through pictures of what you are looking for in your own session, within the boundaries set by your-self and your photographer.

Show your collected inspirational pictures to your photographer and put some words on your ideas. This will give your photographer a much better understanding of what it exactly is you want to leave with at the end of the session thereby giving you a much better result and more value for your money.

You might ask, isn’t this the photographers job? Where the answer is yes, but only partially.  It is up to the photographer to help you out a bit in this but ultimately you are the only one who knows exactly what you want. It would be to assume too much to believe that your photographer is a mind reader thereby making it your responsibility to communicate to your photographer what you like and want in your session.

6.     Prepare yourself the day before

Now, this is by far one of the must fun bits of advice. In order to prepare yourself for your session treat yourself a bit. Use that extra delicious hair conditioner or moisturizer you have been saving for special occasions. Maybe take a long soak in the tub with a glass of red. But just make yourself feel comfortable and loved. You deserve to feel amazing and what better thing than to feel amazing up to your photo-session? This will definitely be showing in your pictures. Just note that you should not do anything that would leave a mark or risk on your skin reacting to. So maybe you should safe that wax for another day? Or not to color and pluck your brows right the day before. This you can with success do a couple of days in advance, adding to the expectation and fun of the photo-session. Just make sure there is time for a potential swelling to settle before the big day. Both you and your photographer will love you for it.

And while that one glass of red wine while soaking in the tub is just the right thing to get you relaxed and prepare your mind for the session, you should avoid drinking much more than that since it will be showing on your face as puffiness the day after.

7.     Last but not least….


This day is about you, and why not have tons of fun with it? Your photographer will try to help you feel as relaxed as possible, but he/she can only do so much. Having an open mind and be prepared to have fun, will help you relax and enjoy your session. Most photographers have music on set. Here you can ask to put on some music on that you love. That is of course only if the photographer does not ask you first. Maybe make a playlist of powerful songs that make you feel truly amazing and high-spirited? I can promise you, music will help ease your mood and shed that last stubborn nervousness that was not lost in the bath.

And above all remember, it is ok to be nervous!