How do your portraits deserve to be treated? (Guess what; it doesn't involve a drawer)

Ok, so maybe you have made the decision to purchase prints of your portraits. That is absolutely amazing! I genuinely believe that everyone should own prints of themselves and their family. That is why prints is included in my own collection.
Some of my own most valuable possessions are old prints dating back from my mother's youth and even from my granddad's childhood. These are the images that tell the story of my family. They tell me where I came from and why. They show me my roots and my connections. They mean everything to me and I want to pass on the same type of heirlooms as they did to me. 

These days many people just receive their pictures on a disc or a USB key, and somehow that key disappears in the clutter in a drawer. If it is a CD, you will notice that all the other stuff you have had in that drawer, will have scratched it all up, and suddenly, those beautiful portraits of you and your family are gone. You never made a copy. You never printed them. They became forgotten and now they are lost. 

In my business that is exactly what I am trying to avoid. 
I want you to ENJOY your portraits forever without the worries of losing these precious memories!

I encourage all of my clients not only to take one backup of the digital files that I provide but to take at least two backups. One local and one Cloud as a minimum.
Personally, every single time I have a session, it is backed up to at least two local hard drives as well as one off-site drive. This is to ensure that your portraits are protected in case you lose them yourself or in case you want to come back and purchase more at a later time. 

And also, PRINT!
Print your images. Don't let those photographs from back when your kids were tiny, go to waste. You don't even have to hang them on the wall, though they most certainly deserve to be!
Have them made up as an album that you can look through later in life. Have them in a portfolio box where you can take out the ones you want to showcase (this is my own favourite option).
Just promise me, that you will do something with them. Don't let them wither away and perish. These are your moments we are talking about. Precious moments!
Moments you won't get back. Moments that you, many years from now, wish you had kept safe. 

Treat them for what they are - invaluable and precious heirlooms that deserve a place in your home and in your heart. 

Show me in the comments below how you have displayed your beautiful portraits!