How modelling benefitted my photography

For a very long time, I did not think myself very beautiful. I knew from boys in my teens that I was attractive but I was also larger than many of my fellow females and I did not fit the standard of a model……in any way possible.

Since I was very young, classmates telling me that I was fat, ugly and dumb, among other things, bullied me.  I was always a bit weird, a bit awkward. I preferred to sit in a corner reading fantasy books rather than gossiping about the boys or each other for that matter.  Therefore I was a target and an easy one at that. So the bullying started very early and by the time I reached my 12th year I did not have much confidence to speak of, at least not when it came to my looks. Fortunately for me I found myself a large niche of fellow geeks where I suddenly was respected and liked for whom I was as well as being desired by boys. That of course helped quite a bit on my self-confidence but my self-esteem never really caught up.  

When I was 18, I was asked to do an album cover for a well-known Danish hip hop band. I said yes and got pictures in return. This was the first time I really saw myself in another light, and honestly I loved what the pictures showed me. It spiked my curiosity and soon I found different photographers to work with just for the fun of it. Long story short, it got signed at an agency  and soon after, I was at work pretty frequently being hired by different plus size brands in Denmark.

Working with plus size modeling gave me an understanding of what outfits and styles looks nice on me and soon I gained even more self-confidence. But working in an industry that is primarily focused on the outside appearance makes it difficult to feel appreciated for who you are as a person and for what you can do. Everything is about appearance and while it did help me quite a bit on my journey to self-acceptance and even love it was only me who could take me the rest of the way.

But working with my body in such a way was still immensely helpful. I started looking at it in a different light, and I started caring much more for it. It did not only carry me, now it became a much more accepted part of who I was.

Today I am much more confident both in my body and in my mind. 

But how does all of that benefit you, you might ask?

Well, modelling did not only do me good on the whole body acceptance part, it also helped me immensely as a photographer. I learned some very valuable lessons as a model, that I would not have learned other wise. It gave me a very precious insight in what feels and looks good in images. I learned the correlation between posing so it looks natural and unstrained and thereby giving the tools to guide you in the best possible way, so I can help you have the best experience possible while still getting the most amazing result.

This is also why, I have added a special portrait package, where you can draw even more on my expertise as a model, and let me help you, get some of that self love going you know, you deserve!
I believe that all humans are beautiful, and I want to help you with realising that as well!