Power Through Blue (I Love doing Personal Projects)

I absolutely love doing personal projects. These are sessions I do for my own enjoyment and to build my creativity for when my clients come and want's something completely unique.
One of my favourite models to work with for these kinds of projects is the gorgeous Liane Boyko and interestingly enough, we always end up doing something with a blue theme. 
She has the most beautiful blue eyes, so every single time I have her in front of my camera, I want to emphasize them and make them stand out. 


Earlier in the year, we had one such a wonderful portrait session, and I ended up using the backdrop fabric that we used from a previous session to wrap around her head as a turban. 
I had also been so fortunate to have a kind woman donate some amazing jewellery, so adding that to her forehead as a headpiece just instantly made the whole look come together. 

Later, after I was done photographing her with the turban, I challenged her to get emotional, which ended up with some amazing, deep and intense images. She got so into the emotion that she teared up and brought even more life to the photographs.

Sessions like these help me in so many ways. They maintain my passion and they ensure that I still find it fun and exciting to explore and develop my skills. I will never be stagnant and I will always strive to develop my techniques to benefit my amazing clients.