We are in the season of LOVE (now let's love ourselves)

We are getting closer to February and I cannot believe how time flies. It still feels like yesterday since I came home from my trip to Denmark. 
It is a funny thing. Vacation. Going away with the person you love. The past month has been so incredibly blissful and once again, I see myself loving my husband even more. I didn't think that was possible! Soon we have been married for two years and so far, married life is quite extraordinary! 
Being in this wonderful position, makes me appreciate, yet again, what I have gained from marrying the love of my life. 
Every single day he teaches me something new about him, about us and about myself. He challenges me and encourages me. He is my greatest fan and I think, he is the person who believes in me the most. 

Love from another person is such an amazing thing. But what is even greater, is the love that we hold for ourselves. 
These days, it can be incredibly hard to look yourself in the mirror and say openly and honestly "I LOVE you!". Maybe because it seems silly to do? Maybe it is just because we have such a hard time bestowing love upon ourselves. We simply do not believe the words when we speak them out loud. Somehow we do not consider us valuable enough. We can love others with all of our hearts. We can love our children, our partners, our family and friends, but we cannot love the one person who is closest to us and who knows us the best - ourselves.

Everyone struggles with self-love.
I do not think I have ever photographed a person who wasn't concerned about their wrinkles, cellulite or rolls. They laugh nervously and ask me if I can photoshop out their problem areas. They mask it as a joke, but it is hard not to see the truth in their eyes and the question they are really asking; "Can you fix me? Can you make me perfect? Can you make me good enough?" 
My response is always the same. YOU are BEAUTIFUL! And they see that truth when I show them their finished portraits. I watch women who never thought themselves beautiful, fall in love with themselves. 

So let us dedicate this Valentines season to loving ourselves. Let us look ourselves in the mirror and scream, shout, whisper, cry "I LOVE YOU!" 
And for all of you spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, friends and family out there, let us encourage the people we love, to see just how valuable they are. Let us show them just how perfect they are to us. Let us help them feel good about themselves. Let's make them understand why WE love them! 

Contact me today and give the gift of love. Whether it be for yourself or for someone else. 
Let me create legacy portraits for you. Photographs that you can take out, look at and be reminded of the value of yourself or your loved one. 

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