• Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?

       Yes, just CLICK HERE, and sign up for my newsletter. I promise you, good things are happening, that I will tell you all about! 


  • How will I receive the files?

For all portrait sessions the images are delivered online through Wetransfer.com, but I will send them on a USB key upon request, and with an additional fee of $10. For weddings the images will be sent by mail on a USB key. 


  •  Can I order more images than there is included in my package?

Yes, of course you can! I will be happy to provide you with more edited images; they will however be subject to a fee for every image you order extra. 


  • How long does the session take?

My portrait sessions take between 30mins – 3 hours depending on your package (add an additional 30mins for selection of images)

In some cases you can hire me longer, for example if you want me to cover a full day with your family, in which case we will discuss the price. 


  • When will I get my finished images?

I will strive to be able to deliver my images after 4 week for portrait packages and 6 weeks for weddings, but sometime extra time will occur in the busy season, and I ask you to have patience. I will always inform you, if it will take a little longer and keep you fully posted. 


  • Will I get to choose the images for myself?

You will get to sit with me after our session and select the ones you want me to edit. I really enjoy this time after each session, because that is when I can really pinpoint what you like and what you would like to have emphasized in the images. 


  • Can you come to my house?

Of course I can. I actually often prefer working at peoples homes, since it will often make them feel more comfortable. Especially when it comes to kids. There will however be a surcharge for transportation, which will depend on how far you require me to travel from Norwalk. Outside of towns that surround Norwalk transportation costs will be determined by a case to case basis. 


  • Can I do whatever I want with the images?

You can do whatever you want with the images, short of selling them to third parties, editing them further or using them to promote hate, violence, etc. In my contract I do however require you to credit me with my name when you for example post the images on social media. If you wish to submit the images to a magazine or a contest, you will have to ask my permission too. 



  • Can I bring someone?

It is my job to make you feel safe and comfortable, but I do acknowledge that sometimes it takes a little more to feel secure. Therefore you are always welcome to bring a friend or family member to your session. But please keep it to only one person. 


  • How many images will I get?

You will get the number of images that is described in the package you order.  This can range everywhere between 1-15 for portrait packages and 50-300 for wedding packages.


  • Can you edit that?

One of the amazing things about photography now a day is that we can change a lot in post production. I do this in some cases, for example when I edit fashion photography. But as a principle I do not change much. I will never alter a body to make it look bigger or smaller, even though I am able to. I might emphasize shadows or highlights to cheat the eye but I cannot and will not change something about you that I can see when you are in front of me. It is my job to capture your beauty as it appears. Not alter it. 


  • Can I have the unedited images - the “RAW” files?

I never hand out the unedited images. This is for me as it is for painters to deliver a half finished painting.  The image would simply not be done. A lot of the photography is in the post-production, and I pride myself of having a very high standard at such. 


  • Where are you located?

I am located in Norwalk, CT and the surrounding Fairfield Country. If you need me to travel, we can talk. Just shoot me a mail, and we will figure something out. 


  • Do you work with a contract?

Yes, I do. I want to secure both of us just in case, so I will require you to sign a contract before our session. 


  • Can I order prints through you?

No, unfortunately you cannot. I only deliver image files. I will, however be happy to recommend you a Professional Printing facility that can. 


  •  Can you make some images in black/white and some in color?

Yes, if there is a particular image that you would love to have in Black and White, all you have to do is ask, and I will deliver to you a B/W version. This comes completely free of charge! 


  • Will I get the full resolution images?

Yes, I deliver the full resolution images for print as well as a web resolution to use on social media.