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Online courses

Do you feel stuck in your editing? Then I might have the answer for you!

Beginner and Advanced Photoshop Courses

For you who are tired of complicated techniques and just wants to learn how to actually DO it!




In this course I will be teaching you some of the basic parts of Photoshop. This will also include how I convert my images in RAW converter. You will learn how to use different tools to enhance your image, clear the skin of your subject as well as making lighter toning adjustments. The course is for you who have had a tough time getting started with editing in Photoshop and feel like it is too daunting to begin with. It is for you who wants to learn how to just do the basic as well as learning some techniques that could possibly help you get further in you retouching endeavors. 


In this course I will teach you how to do advanced skin retouching using the healing tools as well as Frequency Separation. I will also teach you how to do in depth Dodge and Burn. 
You will learn how to do a, from beginning to end beauty retouch as well as how to tone your image using different adjustment tools. This is the tools that I use in my own retouching on a daily basis and you will therefore learn how I do my edits using my own images as examples. 


My two retouching courses bundled together for an optimized learning solution for you, who wants to take your retouching to the next level!